Happiness O’ Happiness, where art thou?

The pursuit of happiness is no easy task.

Though we know happiness is out there somewhere. And we know that there are supposedly some people who have attained it. But how do we find it?

Should we look for it in the shooting stars and starry skies above?


Or in the love that we share with the humanity?


Should we try to search for it within ourselves?


Or within a significant other?


Should we try to achieve it by following our dreams?


Or should we look for happiness on our careers paths?


Or in consumption?

In the spur of the moment?


Or in humor?


In nature and beauty?


In freedom?


Or should we lose hope in happiness altogether and instead try to be content with sorrow? 





Still undecided?


SubhaanAllah! Allah swt has declared that His creation cannot find peace and tranquility; cannot attain true happiness until and unless we remember Him!

So next time we don’t have to wonder where to look for happiness, nor do we have to wait for it to come knocking at our doors. We just have to start remembering Allah more and more.


  1. Binte Naveed says:

    Beautifully put masha Allah! 🙂

  2. Binte Hadi says:

    So True!

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