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while relishing the perks of studying online:

Programs at Zaynab Academy Online are carefully curated and developed by our Academic Department. These programs are designed to meet the intellectual and spiritual needs of women and young girls living in this day and age.

Multi Lingual

Our programs are presented in multiple languages, hence making the classical Islamic tradition of knowledge accessible to the Urdu, English, German, and Finnish speaking audience around the globe.

Free of Cost

All of our courses are completely free of cost. Thus, there is no impediment to religious learning. All that it requires is your commitment.


These courses are then taught through live online classes. Recordings are also available for students who are unable to attend live classes due to work or other commitments. This makes learning flexible and accessible.


  • It has been a very good experience being able to study at home. I have 2 young children so it would have been impossible for me to go to any school… Alhamdulillah I have learnt so much the last few months, all the work has been worth it.

    Student from Oslo, Norway
  • I always wanted to focus some of my time to attain deeni knowledge but I never had the time to go out and study. Zaynab Academy Online provided me with a golden opportunity to fulfill my dream from the comfort of my own home. Truly had an amazing experience.

    Student from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • “…I especially enjoyed learning about how Islamic scholarship began and spread in the early times as well as our classes to develop our spirituality.“

    Student from Jeddah, KSA
  • Alhamdulillah, Zaynab Academy Online (ZAO) has been an answer to my du’as. Course recordings are available for us to listen to any lectures we may have missed or to re-listen to lectures just because they are that awesome! Whenever I am asked about online courses, the only name I recommend is ZAO.

    Student from Edmonton, Canada
  • …Now take all that and put it in a modern context so that women can put their ‘ilm into practice in this day and age – that is what you are getting at ZAO.

    Student from Luton, UK
  • ZAO has made a huge difference for me, and allowed me the opportunity to learn very useful things about the foundation and sciences of Islam which broaden my understanding of my deen. Teachers are amazingly dedicated and compassionate, and the quality of doing it merely for the sake of Allah is admirable.

    Student from California, USA
  • Alhamdulillah, I am finally able to plug myself into the incredible spiritual and intellectual tradition preserved by scholars of the Deen over the past 1400 years, thanks to Zaynab Academy Online… ZAO is an incredible blessing to every sister who doesn’t have access to scholarship in person.

    Student from Geneva, Switzerland



Learn at your convenience

Attend classes live or listen to the class recording at a convenient time. Online learning with ZAOnline allows busy women and girls to add religious learning to their daily schedule at any time that is convenient for them.

Learn anywhere in the world

All that you need to enter the virtual classroom is a laptop and an internet connection. You can be anywhere in the world and attend these classes.

Learn and connect with others

The virtual classroom brings together seekers of sacred learning from all around the globe. Students from different countries and backgrounds connect purely for gaining scared knowledge and add to each other’s learning experience.

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