What is the cost of courses?

The courses at Zaynab Academy Online are completely free. No fee is charged for our programs and courses.

What is the minimum qualification to register for courses?

The minimum qualification varies from program to program. Please check program details for further information.

I have a personal question, can I contact any instructor?

Sure, our instructors not only teach academic knowledge, but also provide suggestions and guidance to our students. We realize that as students progress in knowledge and practice, they may need personalized help and support. People available for help are:

  1. Your academic advisor. Contact your academic advisor here.
  2. Your degree program instructors. Note that instructors of short courses may not be available for such help because of their relatively shorter time commitment.

I have a question, suggestion, or comment for ZAOnline. Where do I submit it?

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to Email Us to share any ideas, suggestions, or ask any questions that you may have.