The Prophet ﷺ and I

The Beloved Prophet ﷺ was not a reactive person. If we look at ourselves we have a reactionary nature, but he ﷺ would ponder and act. Once a beduoin who was uncultured and uneducated started urinating in the masjid, and the Sahaba immediately ran to stop him, he ﷺ said leave him until he finishes and then he told him calmly that this is a place of worship which needs to remain clean.

During the incident of Taif Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺ did not make dua against the people of the city and if he had then there would have not been Muhammad bin Qasim and we would not have been born as Muslims.

The son of the Prophet ﷺ passed away when he was little and Abu Lahab mockingly said that there is no one to take your name forward. Immediately Allah swt sent revealed ‘Indeed we have given you the Pond of Kawther. Pray, and give. Your enemy will lose his name.’

We have to make our life like his life ﷺ so that our reactions are the same as his, our emotions and our management of emotions are the same as his. May Allah swt Enable us to do so Ameen.


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