Ilm is knowledge which helps us connect to the Divine, whereas ma'lumaat are simply pieces of information which we string together to maintain our functionality in this world. By this definition, all of us remain seekers of ilm throughout our life, and we find it in even the most mundane of places. Sometimes our teacher is a woman sitting very far, speaking through an online software and sometimes it is our own nafs lying between our sides, which tricks us and deceives us to reveal our own weaknesses. Sometimes our teacher is Allah TaAla, who Steers us through life, Granting us experiences which shape our perception and sometimes it is the people we interact with, who lay bare the reality of the world. No matter who it is, we must learn from our teachers and keep the niyyah of seeking knowledge alive in our heart, such that our whole life reads as the life of a seeker of ilm, we leave this world as a seeker of ilm and we meet Allah taAla as a seeker of ilm. Love it, live it, rejoice in it, because Allah taAla Has Made us seekers of ilm.

Alimah Z. Rashid

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  1. Salaams Sister
    JazakAllaahkhairun for such inspiring words may our Rabb reward you and your family in both the worlds Aameen
    Trully it is never too late to learn Ilm

  2. MashaAllah beautiful words. How lovely to think of this whole life as a learning process! Indeed, it is…

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