An Open Letter to the Broken Hearted

We all have our own paths to tread – our own mistakes to make – our own lessons to learn. This is your path, no one else’s. These are your lessons, no one else’s. So learn them by heart.

Do you remember how it had all begun?

This world did not leave you; it was you who had left this world and its glamorous ornamentation. You had made that choice for Allah with a firm determination. I know it’s been long and you are tired of failure and frustration, but don’t be so quick – yet – to mess with your prioritization. Revisit, revise, review, and never forget why you had undertaken this expedition.

Do not stop. Do not pause. Do not take time-out for scrutinization. Do not let any hindrance push you away from your final destination. If you have fallen, get back up. If you have lost, try again. Take another chance, another leap, and another plunge. It’s not unusual to find pleasure through pain, victory through defeat and love through separation.

So you are going through some tough conditions? And are not up to the mark with society’s expectations? On the other hand, you are not doing so well even in your religion? Failure is constant, and rejection is coming at full force from every direction? And your life is going haywire – not at all the way you had put forth to Him in your proposition?

But… Hold on a second’s fraction.

Your life is going exactly the way Allah has planned in His Preserved Scripturum; sorrow, failure, grief, the feeling of pain so intense that you wonder whether you are dying of apprehension; it is all from Him.

You can’t understand God’s love till you understand pain; till you find out the reason behind suffering, and loss, depression, anxiety, and the reason why you keep turning in the middle of the night in great agitation.

And you can’t understand God’s love till you learn to appreciate pain, for pain detaches us from this world and pushes us out of our comfort zones on a hunt to feed our hungry souls that are near-destruction; death loses its petrification; sin loses its temptation!

And when you are feeling extremely low, just remind yourself that Allah has always helped you, and has never abandoned you in any situation.

And remind yourself that Allah always keeps His special gaze on the one who is suffering from consternation.

And remind yourself that when you are heartbroken, it’s easier to connect with Qur’an, and it can truly feel like Allah is there for your consolation.

And remind yourself how He has sent random people to comfort you when you were crestfallen. They wouldn’t know, but He knew. And they would always say the right things to your heart’s satisfaction.

And remind yourself how He has decorated His sky for you with magnificent moon and little twinkling stars and makes them follow you wherever you go so that no matter how lonely and sad you feel, no matter how abandoned you are, you can always look up, and find them in their spectacularation.

And remind yourself of your late-night prostrations. Remind yourself of those tears of desolation. And of those guilt-ridden conversations, admitting that you have failed, yet again, in desperation. Remind yourself that, no matter how great the fall, He has always taken you back without any complications.

To experience pain is a gift of nature. It has the power to break us, for the sake of spiritual liberation. So, really, if you are broken, or shattered, and if you don’t understand anything anymore and are too scared to even plan anything out, that’s a beautiful manifestation. Leave it to Him and trust His formulation.

– By a ZA Student

  1. huma says:

    Jazak Allah ………..VERY NICE ARTICLE…………I am in a state of anxiety, depression and feel so lonely from 5 months………..these words really touch my heart……..remember me in your dua……

    • Umrah says:

      I am in a state due to a girl named same like you. It shattered me as soon as i read or listen this name. PLease pray for me :'(

  2. SAHRISH says:

    Words touch soul..

  3. Heba says:

    really these words touching my heart

  4. Fazila Lunat says:

    Beautiful <3 !! MashaAllah

  5. Aisha says:

    JazakAllah Khair,
    I really needed this! I’m totally broken and was feeling hopeless when I found this article, it’s given me the courage to get up and handover everything to Allah, the Most Merciful and the Best of Planner!!

  6. zarnaria qaiser says:

    Love you for sake of Allah subhan o tala sister. This was much much needed. May we n meet each other in jannat ul firduas. I will surely remember u in duas. M also za

  7. Raniya Umar says:

    Jazak Allah this is exactly my state now, I’m shattered & broken from all sides nobody but Allah by my side. Thank you for this message

  8. Nazeefa Zafar says:


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