Tajweed Proficiency

Students enrolled in ZAO degree programs are required to fulfill their program requirement of tajweed proficiency.

→ Etiquettes of Reciting Quran
→ Introduction to Tajweed
→ Levels of Errors in Pronunciation
→ The Arabic Alphabet
→ Ta’awwuz and Tasmiyah
→ Joining Letters
→ Diacritical Accents (Short Vowels)
→ Stops (Sukun)
→ Nunation (Tanween)
→ Long Vowels
→ Soft Vowels/Diphthongs (Leen)
→ Doubled Letters (Shadd)
→ Hamzah and Alif
→ Rules of the Enabling Hamzah (Hamzat al-Wasl)
→ Points of Articulation (Makhaarij)
→ Intensification (Qalqalah)
→ Rules of Waqf and Continuation
→ Stopping Signs