Untold Stories

She stared at the screen trying to make out what the teacher was saying in class. Eyes stinging with sleep, she kept dragging the recording bar back to listen to it over and over again, in the hope that things might start making some sense eventually. After a few minutes, a sharp pain in the leg brought her […]

True Love and False Love

These are the rough notes of the talk delivered by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed on Feb 14, 2015 in UK. What is False Love? It is either creation; beauty of a non-mehram. Or it is money, prestige, power and position. These are the 2 big false loves. Everyone out there is trying to pull others in […]

Letting go

Open your heart and feel tranquility in your soul. Let that thought pass on don’t think! just feel the feeling of letting go. Listen closely a beautiful rose is whispering secrets, of the Secret Garden. Where Rumi (rah) used to be lost in love, forever drowning in pure white light. Look up at the sky the […]