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The Sweet Pain of Love

By ZAO on October 21, 2015 2 Comments • Tags: #contentment #loveforallah #pain #satisfaction

I was sixteen then. She must be merely in her early twenties. I would see her daily on the college bus. A loner and extremely mysterious, she had something so special about her that I, despite my bubbly self, couldn’t help but notice her. Clad in black from head to toe, she used to uncover … Continue Reading

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The Sunnah is not Sunnah!

By Binte Iftikhar on April 4, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #issuesfacebyummah #loveforallah #sunnah #youth

I think many of us don’t properly understand what Sunnah is. And we think that Sunnah is a legal category that comes after fard and wajib or we may think that Sunnah is something that is mentioned in Hadith. Nothing of that is incorrect. But today I want to put forth another possible understanding of … Continue Reading

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Colours of Hijab

By ZAO on April 1, 2015 0 Comments • Tags: #hijab #issuesfacebyummah #issuesofmuslimyouth #loveforallah #youth

Zaynab Academy had the honour of hosting Hijab Day where women came together to share their hijab stories. We had entries from a variety of women of different backgrounds and experience. Here are some of the stories that were written. _________________________________ My name is Selma, I ́m German and was born and raised as an … Continue Reading

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Letting go

By Binte Iftikhar on November 4, 2014 0 Comments • Tags: #love #loveforallah

Open your heart and feel tranquility in your soul. Let that thought pass on don’t think! just feel the feeling of letting go. Listen closely a beautiful rose is whispering secrets, of the Secret Garden. Where Rumi (rah) used to be lost in love, forever drowning in pure white light. Look up at the sky the … Continue Reading