Untold Stories

She stared at the screen trying to make out what the teacher was saying in class. Eyes stinging with sleep, she kept dragging the recording bar back to listen to it over and over again, in the hope that things might start making some sense eventually. After a few minutes, a sharp pain in the leg brought her […]

O Passive Lover, You!

“I will rouse you from your sleep, you who have given yourself up to recitation, who have taken the study of the Qur’an as a practice, who have seized upon some of its outward meanings and sentences. How long will you wander about the shore of the sea with your eyes closed to its wonders? […]

Where Love and Knowledge Meet

O lover of the Sacred Path O Seeker of Eternal Bliss Close your eyes & open up your heart For a beautiful journey awaits you A journey of ilm and ishq They say you don’t come here on your own But are brought here by the Gaze of His Mercy O Chosen One! if only you could’ve […]