The Prophet ﷺ and I

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The Beloved Prophet ﷺ was not a reactive person. If we look at ourselves we have a reactionary nature, but he ﷺ would ponder and act. Once a beduoin who was uncultured and uneducated started urinating in the masjid, and the Sahaba immediately ran to stop him, he ﷺ said leave him until he finishes and then he told him calmly that this is …

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Where Love and Knowledge Meet

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O lover of the Sacred Path O Seeker of Eternal Bliss Close your eyes & open up your heart For a beautiful journey awaits you A journey of ilm and ishq They say you don’t come here on your own But are brought here by the Gaze of His Mercy O Chosen One! if only you could’ve seen The moment Your Rabb …