Road to Ramadan

Based on a talk by Alimah S Ahmed, the basic points to take care of in Shaban in preparation for Ramadan are as follows:

  1. Write down your goals for Ramadan. Keep it simple and basic. Be realistic and keep it according to your schedule  taking small steps, make short term plans (week long and then build upon them). If you currently recite Quran only on Fridays, then you know your goal can’t be to recite one juz a day, you have to start with a simpler goal like one Ruku a day.
Share your goals with someone and tell them to ask you- it will create a sense of accountability.

2.  Family time: priority in your heart should be khidma and sila-rehm (maintaining ties of kinship).
.Meet friends, read books, make clothes etc so that your dunya can be dealt with and your Ramadan is dedicated to earning the Hereafter. Read books that don’t have laghw content, as long as the books are informative and helpful.

   3.  Ibadat:  Namaz, zikr. Pump it up gradually. Start small and build up. Reward yourself when your goals are fulfilled.

 4.  Khidmet of deen: Listen to bayans, talks. Help people in your family and friends connect with Allah swt.

A powerful month is upcoming, and spending Shaban the right way will bring in baraka which will help to make Ramadan a rewarding experience.

  1. ume shifa says:

    Realistic exercise

  2. Ammara masood says:

    I want to join this course thanks

  3. Shehnaz Manjoo says:

    Excellent information. Inspirng

  4. S Ismail says:

    One point to make time table accordingly to your situation at home ie your commitments if you have young children or elders to look after

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