Prophetic Art of Dawah

– A summary of the Workshop Conducted by Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed in UK, Feb’ 2015

  1. Make Tawba. Feel remorse for the opportunities of dawah that you did not make use of. Future interactions should be a means of connecting other people to Allah SWT.
  2. No single way of dawah is the best! Never have rivalry! Be happy: the more people doing dawah the better! Humility and sincerity is the key.
  3. A Da’I must have love of Allah SWT! Rule of dawah is to call people to the love for the Allah swt. Don’t make dawah towards actions but towards feelings, when they get the feelings they will do the actions.
  4. Make dawah without any ulterior motive. You only want that people should love Allah swt. Prophets would tell people that they do not want any reward from them. Surah 11 Verse 51: ‘O my people! I ask of you no reward for it. Lo! my reward is the concern only of Him Who made me.’
  5. Do not be selective when giving dawah. If you have access to someone you should give dawah to them.
  6. Always have compassion and be affectionate! Prophet SWS went to Abu Jahl 3000 times for dawah! It is done from the heart. You have to make dua for the people you have met and are going to meet. It is not a matter of planning. Best time to make dua is tahajjud.
  1. mahjabeen says:

    I see some sisters they have a great love for ALLAH but still feeling guilty about their amaal that they are not observing parda in which way can we guide them to become beloved of ALLAH

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