Previous Workshops

A sneak peak into our previous workshops!

Positive Parenting Webinar

Welcoming Ramadan

Marhaba Ramadan

Hijab Bee – The Buzz of Modesty

The Power of Zilhajj

The Prophet (sws) & I – Seerah Seminar 2015

Labbaik: Summoned With Love

How to Spend Ramadan

Seerah of Beloved Messenger (sws)

Twilight of Ramadan

How to Become a True Muslim

Legal & Spiritual Aspects of Ramadan

The Journey of Imam al-Ghazali (rahimahullah)

From Skeptical Doubt to Certain Conviction

Secret to Happiness – Purification of the Heart

Annual Seerah Conference, 2014

When Habib met Habiba

The Legacy of Wisdom – Islamic Scholarly Tradition

Please note that the registrations for the above given courses are no longer open.