Where Love and Knowledge Meet

O lover of the Sacred Path
O Seeker of Eternal Bliss
Close your eyes & open up your heart
For a beautiful journey awaits you
A journey of ilm and ishq

They say you don’t come here on your own
But are brought here by the Gaze of His Mercy
O Chosen One! if only you could’ve seen
The moment Your Rabb smiled at you so lovingly…
When He chose your world-stricken heart among all others
For this journey of ilm and ishq

Can’t you feel the serenity descending?
As the lover of Allah says BismillahirRahmanirRaheem
Your dead heart stirs up from its sleep
It’s Kalamullah that you hear – word of your Rabb-e-Kareem
The lover’s voice tugs gently at your heartstrings
And you fall in love, only wanting to keep on falling…

Centuries have flown by, & your heart feels light years away
From those blessed circles of the purest beings
Listening intently, wondering what next the Prophet [sallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam] would say
It melts your soul
And to your Lord you wish to flee
When you find yourself sitting in gatherings of Qaala Rasulullah
In gatherings of Hadith
It ignites the flame of your love for the greatest Lover
And a restlessness to one day be his (sws) ‘eternal companion’

O dear one, hold tight to these texts of laws and rulings
Know that your Lord wished good for you
So He busied you with the fiqh of deen
Does it overwhelm you O humble one
To see such Inheritors of your Nabi-e-Kareem (sws)
Give up to your Rabb every moment He blessed them with
And from all of the people in the world,
You were the one He sat at their feet

O besought of Allah,
Standing at the shores of ilm and ishq
What’s stopping you from taking the plunge?
O beloved of your Lord, become the lover
Take a deep breath; dive deep in this journey of ilm and ishq

Zaynab Academy Online, UCIL Y03 Student

  1. Maha Suleman says:

    Asa wr wb,

    Without exaggeration, this post got me so mesmerized and engrossed I forgot my surroundings and couldn’t hear someone calling my name.
    Makes me so ashamed of underestimating the honor we have been given.
    Its not something random.
    Its a chance for redemption. A chance to rise from depths of ghaflat and ingratitude.

    Heartfelt prayers for the author for rousing love-invoking emotions in this undeserving reader’s heart.

  2. Binte Hadi says:

    Beautiful, Subhan Allah!

    May Allah (swt) Grant us the tofeeq to drown deep into the sea of Ilm and Ishq.
    Jazakumullah for the beautiful post.

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