Have you ever dreamt about Jannah? We too often wonder about Jahannum; what it would be like to live in hell. We get scared of the fire, of the anguish and the pain that will consume its inhabitants. Auzubillahi min zalik (May Allah swt protect us from it). But why don’t we as often enough […]

Whirlwind of Life

It is human nature to look for stability in life.  We want stable respectable grades, a stable reliable job, a stable upper-class house and a stable branded car. We also want stable youthful looks. And what about stable relationships? Yes please. It’s funny though that we look for stability living on a planet that is literally hanging in mid-vacuum; holding […]

When Life Truly Begins

This is the third day. Third day since the fateful earthquake. I don’t know for how long it lasted. I don’t know how many casualties it caused. I don’t care about how much it was on the rector scale or what caused it. I only know that it shook me to the core. I only know […]


After hours of sitting on the floor, taking sabaq, I heard my mother’s voice in my head, “You should move around a bit before you turn into an elephant.” Not that I hate elephants, but a sharp pain in my feet convinced me to take a walk within my house. The target was simple: get […]

20 MPH

“Ya Allah, I’m coming towards You at twenty miles per hour, Ya Allah You take me towards You at lightning speed” In a recent talk by Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed DB, I was struck by these words. Twenty miles per hour? No, I think we are travelling at a snail’s pace towards Allah! How many […]