Colours of Hijab

Zaynab Academy had the honour of hosting Hijab Day where women came together to share their hijab stories. We had entries from a variety of women of different backgrounds and experience. Here are some of the stories that were written. _________________________________ My name is Selma, I ́m German and was born and raised as an […]

True Love and False Love

These are the rough notes of the talk delivered by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed on Feb 14, 2015 in UK. What is False Love? It is either creation; beauty of a non-mehram. Or it is money, prestige, power and position. These are the 2 big false loves. Everyone out there is trying to pull others in […]

A Tale of two Strangers

Sands of time had an unusual turning of events. The boy looked at the girl and smiled sheepishly. The girl looked at the boy and smiled back. They were reminded of their first encounter at the masjid. *** This is not a fairytale of a princess being swept off her feet – or a fair […]