Registrations Status: CLOSED

Next round of admissions: January 2021, ان شاء اللہ

Please read the program overview given below thoroughly before applying. For late enrolments request, please write to us at

Students wishing to register for any of the Foundations Courses after the deadline has passed must write a request for late enrolment.

Program Overview:

The Foundations Program is a selection of different, independent short courses focusing on developing a more Qur’anic and Prophetic understanding of Islam. The variety of courses offers an accessible way for busy Muslim women to develop in their academic, spiritual and emotional lives. This program emphasizes spiritual insights and practical advice from our Deen with the purpose of increasing our heartfelt connection with Allah.

Features of this program include:

  • Courses that meet for only 1 hour per week for a full semester (16 weeks) or for a half semester (8 weeks).
  • Self-contained courses so students can enroll in any number of courses or just one, according to their schedule.
  • Use of slides and class discussions in addition to engaging lectures to enrich the learning experience.
  • Language of instruction being mainly in Urdu, with some course slides and readings being in English.
  • Class recordings available for registered students when they cannot attend live class.
  • Attendance policy of maintaining 80% attendance for each course.
  • Basic assessment or short answer test at the end of each course, including a certificate of completion after passing.
  • Option to register as an auditor/listener for those who can only listen to the classes with no exam or attendance policy and no certificate.

Semester 1: Aug 17 to Dec 12      
[16 weeks with 1 week off]
Semester 2: Jan 4 to Apr 23 (10th Ramadan)
[16 weeks]

First Semester Schedule

Islamic Studies: Iman Module
Instructor: Ustadha Tehreem Javed
Every Monday, Oct 19 to Nov 16
Duration of Class: 1 Hour | Timings: 4 PM, PKT |12 PM, UK | 6 AM, CDT

Fiqh of Taharah: Monday
Instructor: Ustadha Tayyiba Saeed
5 PM, PKT | 1 PM, UK (BST) | 7 AM, CDT
Duration of Class: 1 Hour, Half-Semester (Until Oct. 9)

Seerah: Makki Period: Monday
Instructor: Ustadha Tania Shah
6 PM, PKT | 2 PM, UK (BST) | 8 AM, CDT
Duration of Class: 1 Hour, Full Semester

Forty Hadith Collection of Imam Nawawi: Wednesday
Instructor: Ustadha Anum Qureshi
9 PM, PKT | 5 PM, UK (BST) | 11 AM, CDT
Duration of Class: 1 Hour, Full Semester

Introduction to Qur’anic Studies: Wednesday
Instructor: Ustadha Dur-e-Nayyab Khan
10 PM, PKT | 6 PM, UK (BST) | 12 PM, CDT
Duration of Class: 1 Hour, Full Semester

Qur’anic Arabic 1: Friday
Instructor: Ustadha Sarah Sohail
5 PM, PKT | 1 PM, UK (BST) | 7 AM, CDT
Duration of Class: 1 Hour, Full Semester

Purification of the Heart: Friday
Instructor: Ustadha Amber Ali
6 PM, PKT | 2 PM, UK (BST) | 8 AM, CDT
Duration of Class: 1 Hour, Full Semester

Course Descriptions

Fiqh of Taharah
This course covers basic legal rules of purification including wudhu, ghusl, purification and the fiqh of menstruation.

Seerah: Makki Period
The beautiful seerah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ begins with pre-Islamic Arabia, follows his early life and then covers the challenging times in Makkah after the revelation of prophethood.

Forty Hadith Collection of Imam Nawawi
This famous collection of Prophetic narrations is a compilation by one of the most widely accepted scholars in Islamic history. It mainly contains hadith from Sahih Bukhari and Muslim. These fundamental narrations of the Prophet ﷺ will cover different subjects such as belief, worship and spirituality establishing a meaningful connection to our real world and existing way of life.

Introduction to Qur’anic Studies
This comprehensive course includes a history of the collection of the Quran, the miracle of the Quran, themes of the Quran, themes in Tafsir, sources and styles of Tafsir, Science and Tafsir, and more.

Qur’anic Arabic 1
Arabic is a rich language with each word having layered meanings. This course lays the foundation to understanding the fundamentals of Arabic language to grasp the appropriate meanings of the Quran while pursuing the divine expression of Allah. In this term, we begin with essential words and sentence structures with examples from the Quran, leading to the comprehension of a large number of expressions in the Quran, In sha Allah.

Purification of the Heart
This course covers the spiritual diseases of the heart and understanding how to identify and treat them so we can become people with sound hearts and peaceful lives. Problems such as anger, negative thinking, jealousy and arrogance are covered in detail in the light of the Quran, Hadith and the teaching of scholars. 

Islamic Studies: Iman Module
This semester’s Islamic Studies module consists of five sessions covering foundational topics about faith and beliefs. Many widely-asked questions will be explored such as what it means to be a Muslim and the role of fate in Islam.  Topics include differences between Islam,  Iman and Ihsan; Tawheed and Shirk, Actions and Intentions; and Freewill and Predestiny.

Instructors’ Profiles:

Ustadha Dur-e-Nayyab Khan is a teacher in the Quran Program at Zaynab Academy Online. She completed the traditional Dars-e-Nizami curriculum and received her Aalimiyyah degree from Zaynab Academy Lahore in 2012. Along with her Aalimiyyah studies, she also completed a BSc (Honours) in Social Sciences from LUMS and an MPhil in International Relations from Kinnaird College, Lahore. Ustadha has also been involved in dawah activities and conducting inspirational talks. Currently she is completing an Advanced Quran Study course at The Legacy Institute and plans, in sha Allah, to pursue further religious studies with scholars in the UK where she currently resides with her husband and young daughter.

Ustadha Anum Qureshi was raised in Karachi and received her BBA (Hons.) and MBA both in Human Resource Management from Institute of Business Management, Karachi. In 2009, she began her pursuit of Classical Islamic Learning at Zaynab Academy Karachi,  and received her Aalimiyyah degree in 2014. Since then, Ustadha has been teaching Quranic Tafsir and Hadith in addition to delivering talks on the purification of the heart and love for Allah (SWT) to women of all ages. She is now settled in the UAE with her husband and two young children.

Ustadha Amber Ali started her quest for Islamic knowledge in 2007 at Dar Aisha in Sydney, Australia. After moving back home to Pakistan in 2008, she continued her pursuit of Islamic knowledge through several online courses at Seekers Hub. She then joined Fahm-e-Deen Institute and finished a one year course covering Quran, Hadith, and essentials of Fiqh. In 2014, Ustadha joined Zaynab Academy’s Classical Islamic Learning Aalimiyyah program under Wifaq ul Madaris al Arabiyah, Pakistan where she recently completed her 6-year course. She has been teaching Quran and delivering inspirational talks to women and girls of all ages for a number of years.  As a mother of two, she also manages her family business with her husband, overseeing marketing and administration.

Ustadha Tayyiba Saeed was born and raised in Pakistan, and currently lives in the US. She completed her Masters degree in Textile Designing and Economics from Pakistan and holds a professional diploma in computer science. Although she pursued professional education, with time she realized that her true passion lies in Islamic education. So in 2014, she joined Zaynab Academy’s Classical Islamic Learning Aalimiyyah program under Wifaq ul Madaris al Arabiyah, Pakistan where she has recently completed her 6-year course. Currently Ustadha is enrolled in Takhassus-Fil-Ifta course from Jamia Ashrafia and Takhassus-fil-Tafseer from Mahd-us-Salihaat Academy. She also teaches Quranic Tafseer and Tajweed in her local community. During her free time, she works on creating mobile apps for Quran Kareem and Hadith.

Ustadha Tania Shah is in her final year of the Classical Islamic Learning Aalimiyyah program at Zaynab Academy. She has also completed her BBA from Institute of Business Administration majoring in Entrepreneurship. Ustadha is active in dawah, delivering engaging talks to girls and university students. She aspires to bring people towards Allah (SWT) and is especially passionate about parenting with love and respect. Ustadha is married with two kids and recently launched her modest fashion clothing line.

Ustadha Sarah Sohail has been actively teaching Arabic Grammar for the last three years. Her main source of knowledge is Lisanul Qur’an Academy among various other institutions that she has been a part of. She recently initiated an online platform called Fatimah Academy to promulgate classical and Qur’anic Arabic where she is teaching Arabic Grammar and Tasheel-un-Nahw. Currently, Ustadha is a fifth year student in Zaynab Academy’s Classical Islamic Learning Aalimiyyah program under Wifaq ul Madaris al Arabiyah, Pakistan. She lives in Australia where she is also pursuing a master’s degree in Islamic Studies from Charles Sturt University. Previously, she earned a master’s degree in Economics and bachelor’s degrees in Education and Business Administration from Pakistan.

Ustadha Tehreem Javed has a special interest in Islamic Law and Pedagogy. She began her quest of Islamic Knowledge in 2010 as a student of Zaynab Academy Lahore. In 2014, she completed her Bachelor in Architecture Design from National College of Arts along with her Aalimiyyah degree from Zaynab Academy Lahore. After working for some time as a professional designer, Tehreem decided to embrace her passion for education and devote time to teaching. She spent two years teaching Fiqh, Usul-ul-Fiqh, Hadith and Quran at Zaynab Academy and delivered inspirational talks to women and girls of all ages. Currently, Ustadha Tehreem works as a school administrator and teacher at an Islamic School where she is involved in mentoring teenage girls. She is also completing an Advanced Quran Study course at The Legacy Institute.

How are Classes Conducted?

Classes are conducted via the online learning tool, Zoom. Some of the features of our virtual classroom include:

  • Accessibility via desktops, laptops and smartphones
  • Live Audio Streaming
  • Screen Sharing with the Instructor, be it in the form of slides, reference material or other resources
  • Chat Box for Live Interaction with the Instructor
  • Availability of Class Recordings

Learning Management System — LMS

Our courses also feature an interactive Learning Management System. Some of the features of the LMS include:

  • Announcement Board
  • Discussion Forums for interacting with classmates and teachers
  • Availability of Class Presentations and Slides for download
  • Resource sharing for a joint learning experience
  • Online assessments

Students will also receive course related notifications via WhatsApp groups.

Online Examination Process

Students will be assessed via MCQ and short answer tests at the end of each semester. They’ll be able to attempt these tests online. Detailed guidelines on the examination process will be shared as the semester proceeds.

Certificate of Completion

Upon meeting the attendance criteria and passing the final assessments, students will be awarded a certificate of completion for the courses they’ve successfully attended.