“The Alimah Program” in English – Classical Islamic Learning

“The Alimah Program” in English – Classical Islamic Learning

Program Overview:

Zaynab Academy Online


Alimah Program – Taught in English

A 6-year degree program for serious students who, in addition to learning the translation and commentary of the entire Qur’an, wish to learn classical Arabic and study Arabic texts of tafsir, hadith, fiqh, usul, and other disciplines that have been traditionally taught in the Alimah course. The CIL degree is a two part program. Admission is initially offered into the first part, which lasts 3 years. Based on academic achievement, commitment, and dedication to spiritual development, students will be selected for admission into the second part, which lasts 3 additional years

The program has been designed to provide students with Taleem, Tarbiyyah, and Tazkiyah


  • Authentic knowledge of Deen taught by over 10 certified Alimahs
  • Alimah Degree approved by Internal Ulama Board
  • Efficient teaching method: Tests, discussions, assignments


  • Nasihah Sessions for students by Alimah S. Ahmed
  • Counseling and advice regarding Deen and Duniya by individually assigned Nasirahs
  • Local meet ups and talks for interaction with teachers and fellow students


  • Weekly “Spiritual Lodge” sessions for inner development and reform
  • Live talks on drawing closer to Allah swt

All of this is provided with the flexibility and ease of online learning.


What our students say about us:

All classes were very motivating. Also, teachers were not just teaching, they transmitted their good qualities and the importance of practicing what we learned

Excellent and friendly teachers, a great classroom experience, helpful TAs, and a very flexible exam procedure

With a postgraduate research degree from one of the world’s most renowned universities, I earnestly feel that Zaynab Academy Online beats the secular world in delivering courses that are modern, relevant, intellectually fulfilling, and most importantly, spiritually awakening


Admission Process

1 Interested Candidates will be required to fill the Registration form on Zaynab Academy Online Website.

Please note that the minimum age for applying for the Alimah Program in English is 18 years.

2  After the registration form has been submitted, another form will be sent to registrants. This form will have to be filled by a Muslim adult (at least 22 years old) who will recommend the registrant to be enrolled in an Islamic course. Further details regarding this will be conveyed in the email.

3 Meanwhile, registrants will be given pending admission and will be sent the ECIL Information Packet, by the beginning of August inshaAllah.

* Students should check their spam folder (or promotions tab for gmail) if they do not receive an email from us within 7 days of submitting the online application. If students don’t find the registration email is in their spam folder, they may write to info@zaynabacademyonline.org, and notify about the delay in their admission process.

*Kindly note that as registrations only opened recently on Jul. 11, processing of applications will commence soon inshaAllah and registrants may hear from us later than 3 – 7 days of submitting the registrations form.

Program Structure

Program Duration 6 years. This includes CIL Part I (3 years) and CIL Part II (3 years)
Weekly Time Commitment 9-10 hours/week in class.
Program Structure Students must successfully complete the following modules:CIL Part I
QUR'ANThis subject will cover the entire translation and commentary of the Qur'an, highlighting spiritual insights and practical advice through the meanings of the Qur'an.All courses required to complete the Qur'an Program.
HADITHThrough this subject, students will learn to appreciate the wisdom in Prophetic teachings, sunnah and also be exposed to some academic debates surrounding Islamic Beliefs in the final year. • Essential Ahadith from Zaad ut Talibeen (Provisions for the Seeker)
• Selections from Riyadh us Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)
• Selections from Mishkat ul Masabih (A Niche for Lamps)
ISLAMIC LAWThis subject will impart students with basic knowledge regarding legal rulings of ritual purification, menstruation, salah, fasting, zakah, ritual sacrifice, marriage and divorce through classical Hanafi legal manuals.• Fiqh of Ibadah through Maraqi'l-Sa'adat (Ascent to Felicity)
• Fiqh of Ibadah & Muslim Personal Law through Mukhtasar al-Quduri
ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCEThis subject focuses on giving an introductory understanding of the principles which are used to derive legal rulings. It will be based on the classical text "Usul al-Shashi".• Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence through Usool al-Shashi
ARABICThis subject enables students to learn the Arabic language at a basic level such that they are given tools to understand and navigate through the Arabic of Qur'an, Hadith and classical texts. • Introduction to Arabic Morphology & Syntax
• Advanced Arabic Morphology & Syntax through Hidayah-tun-Nahw
• Qasas un Nabiyeen(Stories of the Prophets)
MODULES & SHORT COURSESStudents will be required to take certain Foundations modules and short courses offered during the academic year to supplement their knowledge.Big question in theology (‘aqeedah), Islamic Scholarly Tradition, contemporary issues and debates, women and gender, Islamic spirituality etc.

Students will study classical Hadith texts like Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Muslim, Jam’i Tirmidhi with detailed explanation and commentary. More information will be provided later insha’Allah.

Tajweed Proficiency Level 1
Pre-requisites Basic knowledge of the Arabic alphabet and the ability to read it.
For Ages 18 years and above.
Requirements for Enrollment A good internet connection and a pair of headphones.
Instruments for Assessment Students will be assessed through quizzes, assignments, termly exams, and an annual exam for each course.
Attendance Requirement Students are required to maintain an attendance of at least 90% in each course they are taking in a term. To be marked present, A student must:

a)      Attend class live OR

b)      Listen to the recording of the class within 2 weeks of class

Program Schedule:

Term Begins: TBA

Days: Mondays to Fridays

Session Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes per session


5:30 PM London | 12:30 PM New York | 6:30 PM Johannesburg

(Click here to convert to your time zone)

Term Duration: 16 sessions

Cost: Free

**Recordings will be available for those who find timings inconvenient

How are Classes Conducted?

Classes are conducted via an online learning tool called WizIQ. Some of the features of our virtual classroom include:

  • Live Audio Streaming
  • Content sharing via the White Board
  • Chat Box for live interaction with the Instructor
  • Availability of class Recordings

Learning Management System:

Our classes also feature an interactive Learning Management System. Some of the features of the LMS include:

  • Discussion Forums for interacting with class mates and Teaching Assistants
  • Announcement Board
  • Assignment Submission
  • Downloading Class Presentations and Slides
  • Online Quizzes and Exams
  • Online Calender
  • Instant Messages
  • Student Grade Cards


Ans: This program is completely free of cost and ZAO takes no fee whatsoever.

Ans: After students successfully complete three years of this degree program, they will qualify for another 3-year course which is the completion of the ‘Alimah’ program. Admission in to the future program will be dependent on the student’s aggregate performance over three years.

Ans: Class recordings will be available for all such students who find timings inconvenient.

Ans: No, your registration for the English Classical Islamic Learning Program automatically translates on to registration for the Qur’an Program and Foundations which is required for your degree completion.

Ans: Our Urdu Classical Islamic Learning Program is designed for students who are not fluent in English. For more details, click here

Ans: English CIL is designed for students who are only comfortable with English as the language of instruction. Urdu CIL is for those students who are comfortable with Urdu.


Cost: Free of Cost Program

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