20 MPH

“Ya Allah, I’m coming towards You at twenty miles per hour, Ya Allah You take me towards You at lightning speed”

In a recent talk by Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed DB, I was struck by these words.

Twenty miles per hour? No, I think we are travelling at a snail’s pace towards Allah!

How many bones do we have in our body? When a baby is born, it has two hundred and seventy bones, but as the child grows into adulthood, along the way some of the bones fuse together until he or she is left with two hundred and seventy bones! Allahu’ Akbar, No human has the capability to fuse their own bones.

I recently came across a man who could not bend his knee, he had to walk everywhere because he could not sit in cars, if he got on the bus he would have to stand, and even sitting on his sofa at home was difficult for him!

We could spend our whole life just counting and counting the numerous blessings He’s bestowed upon us yet we would not even be able to count one percent of His blessings!

I read of an incident related by Ali at-Tantawi that he almost drowned on the shores of Beirut. He was drowning and time was running out for him when he was finally rescued and carried unconscious to land. In the brief moments of struggle before losing consciousness he recalls his utter submission to his Lord and his wish of returning to life, even if it was for an hour, to renew his faith, to do good deeds and to try and reach the pinnacles of belief.

Life is very short, we have one shot to make this life – our only life – count, the next time you blink it could be your last time so do not go at twenty miles, run as fast as you can towards Allah SWT.



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